December, 13 2010

An opener for an award ceremony I had the pleasure working on at tonictrix. For more info on the spot, visit the vimeo page.




September, 9 2010

Updated my website to include my latest demo reels.


you can find them here.



March, 30 2010

changed the page layout to a more neutral look. I kinda like black'n'white, at least for now.



March, 17 2010

new trailer up for "Konferenz der Tiere" .

still a huge amount of work to do.



December, 28 2009

the website is up for the new animated feature film we (the team at Ambient Entertainment) are working on :

"Konferenz Der Tiere"

here in Germany the teaser is screened in Stereoscopic 3D before Avatar.

"Konferenz Der Tiere" is the first stereoscopic movie from Ambient Entertainment.

I have to say that I don't like the music and voice over though, but then again. me and my collegues are just responsible for the lighting and rendering, and I am quite happy with the look.



March, 29 2009

I put the Gallery section online. It still contains pretty much only the images from my old site, but I plan on putting newer images soon. I just have to check first about permission to post my commercial works. I pretty much have only done commersial work over the past years so personal stuff is pretty old. Hope you like it anyway.



March, 1 2009

I am working on a gallery section as well as re-editing my demo reel. I will put them online as soon as possible.



February, 25 2009

Still nothing new, I'm still on the case.



July, 17 2008

I finally found some time to start my new web profile page. It will stay a WIP though for quite some more time as I need to put together new material to show. still haven't decided on the final layout and structure of the site too, so that will take some time also. But at least I kicked myself in the but to get something on the front page.